Branded Sunglasses – 5 Points to Consider While Buying

Buying branded sunglasses can be bit challenging as there a large number of options available. They vary greatly in terms of cost, design, and quality. A pair of sunglasses is essential to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. Sunglasses also reduce the glare from reflected light that helps prevent eye strain. Glare reduction, particularly with polarized lenses allow you to see much better in bright daylight. They are also an incredible fashion accessory.


It is important to buy sunglasses from a well-known brand. A reputed brand offers you high build quality, durability and more effective protection. They will also offer superior customer service. Even though branded sunglasses can be expensive, they are the best option for keeping your eyes safe from harsh sunlight.

Here is a summarized list of important considerations while buying sunglasses.

• UV Protection: UV rays can cause a wide variety of problems that include cataract and even eye cancer. A pair of high-quality sunglasses must be able to keep the eyes safe from these harmful rays of the sun. Sunglasses can also prevent the wrinkles around the eyes caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

• Reduce Glare: The glare of direct or even reflected sunlight can severely impair vision. Excessive glare can make driving, sailing, skiing, etc. very difficult. Wearing sunglasses, especially with polarizing lenses can significantly decrease sun’s glare. This will not only make driving and outdoor activities safe but also allow you to see better when you are out and about in the sun.

• Environmental Protection: Sunglasses must also shield the eyes from the harsh environmental condition such as smoke, storm or dust particles. Such situations can lead to serious problems and even injury.

• Frame Style: Sunglasses marketed as sportswear often feature wrap-around frames that protect the eyes from peripheral glare as well as direct light. They are a great option when driving as regular frames may not be able to provide full protection. However, as a fashion accessory, their use is limited.

• The Material of the Lens: Polycarbonate is the best for regular sunglasses though high index plastic glasses allow you to get the benefits of both sunglasses and spectacles. These ultra-thin lenses are also shatter resistant. This means if they break, the pieces roll upon each other rather than shattering like glasses which adds to their safety

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you must ensure that your sunglasses do not strain your eyes. Tinted lenses are also a good option, particularly for sportswear. Branded sunglasses offer the ultimate benefits in quality and durability, and are worth the investment.


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