7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses

Almost anyone who wears prescription lenses to correct vision knows making the wrong selection in frames can end in disaster. After all, most people aren’t too thrilled about wearing glasses that don’t flatter their face. Overly large, heavy or bulky frames can also create comfort-related issues.

These seven tips can help just about anyone find the perfect eyeglasses to suit their needs and their style:

  1. Make sure the prescription is accurate – It won’t matter how awesome frames look if the prescription lenses don’t provide the necessary correction. Before choosing a new pair of eyeglasses, be sure to get an updated prescription. If ordering frames online, do take care when inputting prescription information, too.
  2. Consider face shape – Frames that look great on one person may not on another simply because of face shape. People with round faces, for example, are more likely to look better in square or rectangular frames. Those with oval faces may find frames that are just a bit wider than the broadest part of their faces look the best.
  3. Explore colors – The color of the frames can also play a big role in how glasses will look. People with cool skin tones often look best in darker colors, such as purple, blue or back. Those with warmer tones may find beige, gold or honey frames more flattering.
  4. Think about lifestyle – This point is often overlooked, sometimes to a buyer’s detriment. The perfect pair of eyeglasses should be able to be worn during most activities. If an overly physical lifestyle is led, selecting a rugged frame might be smart. Another option is to consider two pairs of glasses – one for everyday wear and one for sports and activities.
  5. Keep comfort in mind – Some people can wear heavier frames that offer the style and look they’re after with no problem at all. Others, however, may find that heavy frames leave them with headaches and sore nose bridges at the end of the day. If the latter is true, consider lightweight rimless glasses.
  6. Review all the options – Before making a final selection of frames for a prescription, think about creating a top three, four or five list. Then go back over the best options to fit personal style before making a final selection.
  7. Go with what you love – The “perfect” eyeglasses will always be those that enable a person to see clearly while making them feel good about themselves. If a certain frame jumps out and nothing else compares, go for it.

When the right prescription and frames combine, the “perfect” pair of eyeglasses can be had. Just keep a few things in mind when exploring the options.


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