Eyeglasses for Women – How to Choose the Right One

Women on the hunt for great eyeglasses will find out quickly the selection is fabulous. Narrowing down the options to find just the right pair to bring home, however, may take an investment of time. The payoff, however, is likely to be the perfect pair of eyeglasses to flatter the face, correct vision and make a woman feel fantastic on top of it all.

After an updated prescription is obtained, these tips can help make the selection of frames go just a little bit easier:

  • Consider face shape when choosing the frames – The shape of a woman’s face may play a role in how good or bad a particular pair of frames looks. Women with oval faces, for example, may discover frames that are just a bit wider than the broadest part of their faces are the most flattering. Women with round faces are likely to find rectangular or square frames most attractive.
  • Pay attention to color – The color selected in frames can also make a big difference in how they look. For women with cooler skin tones, dark frames often suit the best. Women with warmer toned skin may find colors, such as gold, honey or beige look better on them.
  • Contemplate comfort level – Sacrificing comfort for a particular style might be acceptable when shopping for a blouse, but the same may not work with glasses. If heavy frames cause strain or headaches, consider lighter weight options. Wire frames or rimless frames are both solutions that promote comfort without sacrificing style.
  • Keep activities in mind – Women who are heavy into physical activities or organized sports may find this factor is very important to consider when selecting frames. Generally, a more durable set of frames is best suited for sports-related activities. Opting for two sets of frames – one for everyday use and one for activities – may be the best bet for women with an especially active lifestyle.

Choosing the “right” pair of glasses often comes down to a matter of personal taste and style. The best advice for any women shopping for new frames is: select the pair you love.


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