Barracuda Sunglasses: Make a Bold Fashion Statement with Designer Eyewear

Our eyes are very important—and protecting them from any harm should be a top priority. Quality protective eyewear like the Bolle Barracuda offers cutting edge protection technology combined with killer looks.


Made from durable and lightweight plastic material, Barracudas can take a lot of abuse, which makes them a popular choice for sports eyewear. Each pair of barracuda frames are designed to be robust to withstand a lot of abuse from extreme activities, so they are the ideal choice for sports sunglasses.

The Bolle Barracuda features a lightweight, flexible frame made from pure, high grade nylon which makes for a tough yet sturdy construction. Each frame is fitted with high strength ThermoGrip rubber temple grips and nose pads, which keeps the barracuda comfortably and firmly in place. Spring hinges and shock-absorbing tips give each frame a firm and secure fit, applying just the right amount of tension to your temples to keep the frame in place and allowing you to wear the sunglasses for longer periods without fatigue or discomfort.

The lenses are made from polarized polycarbonate resin material, making them super lightweight and impact resistant. The lenses are also coated on both sides with Carbo Glas, a proprietary industrial strength coating solution designed to enhance scratch resistance on the lens surface.

All Bolle sunglasses offer 100% protection for your eyes from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The polarized lenses are also designed to resist glare, protecting your eyes from over bright light sources and eyestrain in bright sunlight. The snug, face-hugging design of each pair of Barracudas offer a comfortable fit even for larger faces. Each pair also comes with its own special carrying case for easy storage and transport when not in use.

With its cutting-edge design, high tech protective features, durable and high build quality, and explosive looks, your Bolle Barracuda sunglasses is ready to help you take on any challenge.


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